Author Topic: 2020-02-25 Server Updates  (Read 170 times)


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2020-02-25 Server Updates
« on: February 26, 2020, 05:24:12 AM »
Hey, everyone!
Here are the latest update notes!

- Race of the Day will not be less than 35% nor greater than 85%.
- Warpra option of Glast Heim Dungeons now has the teleport for Castle, Church, Chivalry and Staircase, to unlock all of them, you just need to pass through the Glast Heim entrance. Beach Dungeons were added to the Warpra as well, entering any of the three caves, Karu, Luanda or Mao, will unlock all three of them.
- Gem Remover now charge a flat 250k to remove any Gems, interface has been updated, procedure can be done in one click.
- Claw Machine was revamped, with a cleaner interface and now accepts Claw Machine Tickets.
- PvP has been enabled on MVP maps while the MVP is still alive.

Bug Fix:
- Cyclops Eye card compound bug fixed.
- Removed Elite / Champion mobs until further balanced for Pre Renewal.
- Turtle Dungeon selection from Warpra will now warp you directly inside the tur_dun02 entrance.
- Headgear Enchanter price was listed at 120,000z, was supposed to be 1,200,000z.

Quality of Life:
- Vending Area was added to the Warpra and will not influence your [ Last Warp ].
- Blank Scroll added to Caspen's Tool Dealer.
- Implemented a new command: @setup which allows characters to set up @autoloot and @showexp to be or not activated automatically upon login.
- Gourmet Dealer was added to Caspen, a compilation of all Chef Assistants ingredients. It's located at the Caspen Port (caspen 75 75).
- Pet Groomer was added to East Caspen (caspen 181 194)

System Overhaul:
- Revamped the Costume Enchantment system
- Removed all previous enchantments from costumes and will be placed in the same location as the item it was removed from.
- Enchantment Gems will now compound to Shadow Armor, Shadow Shield, Shadow Footgear and Shadow Garment positions.
- Upon logging in you will receive a mail from your mom which will contain your first set of shadow equipment.

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