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Starting as a new Player
« on: February 01, 2020, 01:02:40 PM »
Hey guys, a little help to get started on the server as fast as possible~

Feel free to do this part whenever you want

I hope you got your multiboxes ready as it will help a LOT.

Step 1. Create 2-3 accounts for whatever you want to play, an aco and a mage. +1 if you want a linker (reccommended for hunter)

You start here

Do not accept the quest for now unless you wanna kill 60 Porings.

write @autoloot and add 9points of str/agi to the aco use the poring potion equip your beginner headgear and start punching pourings.

when you hit job lvl 8, spend those job points and /organize myfirstparty
then invite your other characters and put exp on even share.

Continue Punching Pourings until everybody is job lvl 10.

Next talk to Estella, the NPC next to me and go to Caspen.

Talk to the Job Master and switch to your first jobs.

When done, go back to poring island and punch more pourings until you have a few skill levels.
 For the Mage, just pump int nothing else matters and firebolt as skill.
 For the Acolyte get Warp Portal lvl 2, then blessing lvl 10, then agi lvl 10, you got those angeling potions for bless/agi 5 until he has the lvls.

Sell whatever loot dropped (for this step you need 1.8k, keep 1 unripe apple, as you might need it for Veins sibblings quest) Buy 1 blue gemstone from the tool dealer in Caspen for the acolyte and use the warper to get to izlude.

Go here:

This is where the 1200 zeny come in handy

when you see this message: go onto the gangway to leave the airship. Then move down the tower and follow the way until you enter a building.

Talk to the upper of the 2 NPC's and say yes.(Domestic Boarding) Then follow the way until you get into the other airship.

Wait until the announcer tells you, that you have arrived in Lighthalzen and go onto the gangway portal.
leave the building by talking to the npc at the blocked path and entering the next portal.

then leave through the north exit of the town (safe by the kafra to the west of it) and once you enter the field type /memo

go back to Caspen by using the Warper in Lighthalzen and cast Warp portal to bring your chars to Lighthalzen. unlock the warp on those chars as well and go through the north portal.

Use your mage to kill Metalings (put high lvl fire bolt and lvl 1 firebolt on the bar) use high lvl first, and then finish it off using lvl 1 bolts.

When your Characters are lvl 50-60 (higher is better) you are ready for geographers. Sell loot, take the airship on the acolyte again until you are in Einbroch. Unlock the warp and go through the north portal /memo

Bring your chars here and start leeching them with the mage.
When the mage hits job lvl 40 Job change into sage - Gratz you got your endow slave.
Jobchange the Taekwon boi into soul linker (if you made one)
and the Acolyte into priest for anubis leech at high lvls
and your main at whatever job you so desire into the class you want.

Happy leeching at geos and enjoy your stay

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